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Do you want to start raising ducks? More than 22 million ducks are raised in the U.S. every year, and that number is rapidly increasing as more and more people discover the joys of raising backyard ducks! Ducks can be raised for duck meat or duck eggs. DuckHobby.com is your personal beginner's guide to the hobby of raising ducks. Whether you're raising pet ducks for fun or profit, we'll show you all the basics of duck care and duck husbandry, including:

DuckHobby.com is a duck husbandry website that offers exceptional duck resources for anyone interested in raising ducks in the city or backyard. Raising ducks is a fantastic poultry and farm hobby for both beginner and advance poultry hobbyists. While raising chickens enjoys more widespread popularity, more and more people are discovering the joys of raising ducks in their own backyard. Let DuckHobby.com introduce you to the fun and exciting world of ducks—from feeding ducks to brooding ducks to choosing your own duck breed—and see for yourself how fun raising ducks can be!

How-To Start Raising Ducks

According to the University of Minnesota's Extension Service, ducks are raising in "practically all parts of the United States." When raising ducks, most people choose the Emden duck breed of the Toulouse duck breed. The right breed of duck for you depends on why you're raising ducks.

The Five Step Cheat Sheet

1. Decide why you want to raise ducks, then select the best duck breed for the purpose you've chosen.

2. Setup a duckling brooder if you plan to raise baby ducks. This is probably the best way to start raising ducks.

3. Construct your duck pen or duck coop. Make sure there are duck feeders and waterers.

4. Learn all the basics of duck care by downloading our free duck articles. For example, do you know how to feed ducks? Raising ducks and its specifics, such as feeding ducks, is easy with the right resources. That's why we're here! With our help, raising backyard ducks can be easy and fun.