Duck Breeding Review: Cayuga Duck Breed

The Cayuga Duck breed is a type of domestic duck breed of moderate size and weight.

Lewis Wright (The Practical Poultry Keeper: Public Domain) states: “The Cayuga, or Large Black Duck, of America, is a breed well worth naturalising in this country, ‘being hardy and a good layer. The plumage is black, approaching brown, with a white collar or neck, which with careful breeding might be soon made into a neat well-defined ring. Weight from six to eight pounds each, being thus inferior to the Aylesbury and Rouen, but with better flavour, and greater aptitude to fatten.”

G. M. T. Johnson (Practical Poultry Keeping As I Understand It, 1885: Public Domain) states: “An American variety, supposed to have originated near Cayuga Lake, N. Y., by a cross of the Wild Black or Buenos Ayres duck and the Wild Mallard, but nothing certain is known. Its plumage is black, with a white collar around its neck. It is a profitable duck ; good layer ; quiet in its habits, and nearly as large as the Rouin.”

The Cayuga duck breed is detailed as being a “threatened” duck breed by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy organization.

The Cayuga Duck is most often raised for duck egg production or for market sale for duck meat. Cayuga ducks lay brown duck eggs

Some backyard duck hobbyists also raise the Cayuga duck breed for ornamental purposes, much like the Call duck breed.

The Cayuga duck can reach up to eight pounds for the male Cayuga ducks, and seven pounds for the female Cayuga ducks.

The Cayuga duck breed is a dark duck with a dark bill. The feathers of the Cayuga duck have a black-green sheen to them.

The Cayuga duck breed is an American duck breed.

The Cayuga Lake in New York gives the Cayuga Duck breed its name.

The Cayuga duck was first officially recognized and certified as a duck breed in 1874.

This breed’s recognition was carried out by the American Poultry Association (APA).

An interesting factoid about the Cayuga Duck is that it is relatively easy to tame and can make a great backyard farm pet.

Cayuga ducks can eat regular duck feed.

When foraging, the Cayuga duck breed also likes to eat bugs and snails.

If you wish to brood and hatch Cayuga ducks, it takes 28 days to hatch the Cayuga duck’s eggs.

Other information about hatching Cayuga duck eggs can be gathered in our hatching duck eggs article.

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Study this breed more extensively: All Breeds of Poultry, Origin: History: Description, Mating and Characteristics, by Frank L. Platt. Published by AMERICAN POULTRY JOURNAL, Chicago, Illinois.