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Here at, we love raising ducks! When it comes to the hobby of raising ducks, we currently offer several premium duck care articles on raising ducks and all that entails. We’re currently making available just a few of our duck articles—but our media team is working to upload more information on raising ducks. That’s right: More duck articles are coming! In the mean time, check the complete list of available content below…

Raising Ducks: Before You Begin!

Raising Ducks 101 for Beginners: The absolute basics about raising ducks for beginner hobbyists.

About Duck Species Behavior and Ecology: All about the duck waterfowl species and general duck information.

Housing Ducks in a Backyard Coop: How to properly house your ducks.

Raising Meat Ducks for Slaughter: One of the major reasons for raising ducks.

Raising Ducks: Starting Out!

Brooding Ducklings: You can choose either natural brooding for your ducklings, or artificial duckling brooding using a chick brooder and a heat lamp.

Raising Baby Ducks: How to start raising ducks by raising baby ducks.

How to Start Raising Ducks: A beginner’s guide to raising ducks.

How to Raise Ducks: A quick guide to the basics of duck care.

A Beginner’s Guide to Raising Ducks: An article for beginners interested in raising ducks.

Raising Backyard Ducks with Geese: Mixing up the waterfowl species!

Raising Ducks: Feeding Your Ducks

Feeding Ducks: Start your hatched baby ducks on unmedicated chick starter, and gradually move to chicken grower and pastures!

Raising ducks: Choosing a Duck Breed

Duck Breeds: There are various duck breeds to choose. We can help you find the right duck breed for your backyard duck hobby!

Raising Mallard Ducks: Raise Mallards, one of the most popular types of ducks!

Raising Pekin Ducks

Raising Wild Mallard Ducks

Raising Muscovies

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